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Snip, Snip

This is Mom with an update!

Sorry we have been so out of touch. We have been busy reading the latest online gambling news in Pennsylvania!. Photos to come of what we’ve been up to.

In the meantime, Mr. Pruett is off to be neutered today. We had hoped to breed him but only responsibly if his hips came back with good results from OFA. Unfortunately he was rated as below borderline. It doesn’t mean that he will suffer or have complications later in life, no way to know that now, but his joints are formed in a non ideal way. We still love him to pieces and are just sad there won’t be more little Pruett’s to make other families as happy as we are.

Happy thoughts to Pruett today please!


Happy Birthday Daphne!


We hope you have a wonderful second birthday! Hugs and belly rubs!


Happy Birthday Pruett

happy_birthdayHappy 2nd Birthday Pruett!!! You are our rockstar! As a special gift you are currently being sedated and x-ray’d for your OFA hip/elbow certification. Love you bud!!!


The Many Faces of Pruett

My parents say I’m hard to photograph. That my luxurious silky black fur just makes it impossible to see my features. We all know the truth that my handsomeness is just blinding to humanly camera contraptions. How could this handsome face be captured and shared other than on rare occasions? The world just wouldn’t know what to do. I will share some photos with you at this time but you have been warned. Ladies, take a seat.

I had to start you off easy. You can nearly see my striking features. Just had to make sure you were sitting down first.

Yes. I am a manly man. I run and jump and sweat and work out. But yet I am oh so delicate. Look how i gently cradle the ball.

Ladies. Please refrain from overtexting this stud. I know it is tempting but my parents only give me a limited texting plan. XOXO


Beat the Heat: Swim at the Lake

It has been so hot here in North Carolina. That is what the humans say. Well humans, take that heat, throw on your winter coat, and then see how it feels. Deathly! Horrid! Miserable! Just plain wrong!

The best way to beat the heat and get some joint friendly exercise is to head to your nearest large body of water. For us that place is Jordan Lake! Below are some pics from our recent trip!

What is your favorite way to beat the heat?

How could the post not begin with Daphne using the lake as her personal toilet?

Daphne thought that frisbee face slam was pretty hilarious!

Belly Flop!

A race to the finish!

Quit taking pics and throw the ball already!

Pruett multitasking a refreshment break.

Synchronized fetching!

Next up - a post dedicated to the nearly impossible to photograph Pruett!


A Box of Kittens? No just…

Nearly enough hair to create a third German Shepherd in just one brushing session!


Pilot Mountain, NC - A Hike

The ‘rents took us to Pilot Mountain, NC for a day of hiking Saturday. The weather didn’t seem too deathly hot when we started our two hour drive west. Nor did it seem too deathly when we started our first leg of the hike.

La la la. This hike is quite enjoyable.

Oh look at the lovely views! Oh we are so refined on our scenic hike.

I promise I won't complain about staying at home anymore. I don't want to be refined and see scenic views. Get me HOME!

I can't believe I am going to say this - I agree with my brother!

Hope all of you out there in blog land had a great weekend! What did you do?


All In The Family

We know it has been WAY too long since we’ve posted! I’ll get the ‘rents on that! We were featured over on Cooper’s blog today. He is my full brother from the same litter. Check out their posts and see if you can tell us apart!





We traveled down to Florida again this year to visit our mom’s mom, our Florida Grandma! What a blast we had!

We played ball!

We tried to kill Mom while she photographed us playing ball!

We practiced our cheering skills! GO DUKE!

We were forced into taking family photos!

And of course what trip would be complete...

without the parents finding some way...

to completely demean and embarrass us. :D

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Easter weekend! We sure did!



We are sprung for Spring! I know we are right in the middle of a riveting photo series of our beach trip, but we couldn’t resist sharing some photos from this weekend - kicking off Spring!

What did everyone else do to celebrate? We had a quintessential Spring day here in North Carolina - mid 70s and SUNNY! We had so much energy - we just couldn’t be contained!

Told you we were on the move!!! Watch out! Coming through!

Spring smells does poop though...

Ha! Ha! I bet that last comment grossed you out! Poop rules - and is tasty!

Blek! I can't believe you just said that.

I can't be a part of such unrefined conversations. I'm going to go chew on this tree root.

Hey! I heard that! You eat poop too! Don't try to act like you don't!!!

Unrefined? NOT ME! Check out this stack!


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